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The economy over the last four years has hit hard. People who once had secure jobs are now underemployed and even unemployed. Debts that were manageable under former incomes are now unmanageable due to the current economy. Credit cards, mortgages, medical debts, taxes, wage garnishments and collections phone calls have all combined to bury the average person under a crushing mountain of debt.

Understood correctly, this debt is simply a set of business situations gone badly. Fortunately, our federal Constitution provides for a way to start over when the financial machine is broken in our own personal lives. The way to start over was provided for by one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, and is called “bankruptcy.” At the Bankruptcy Law Center of Thomas R. Burns, we are proud to help you gain control over your current economic crisis and get a fresh start. We help you restart your financial life.

Stop Wage Garnishment

When most people think of bankruptcy, they are thinking of what we call a “Chapter 7” bankruptcy. Chapter 7 allows you to eliminate all debt that is eligible for what is called “an order of discharge”. This order of discharge is issued by a federal bankruptcy court. The order prevents your creditors from taking any action to enforce collections against you. Debt normally eliminated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can include credit cards, old taxes, medical bills, bank loans and paycheck advances, among others.

When we file a bankruptcy on your behalf, the court immediately issues an order called “the automatic stay.” Think of it this way: When the court issues this order, your creditors have to “stay” away from you. They are prevented from taking any further effort to collect the debt. This order alone is often the exact relief most people need just to start putting things in their lives back in order.

The Bankruptcy Law Center of Thomas R. Burns can help you decide whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best strategy for your financial health. Thomas Burns has more than 20 years of experience practicing bankruptcy law and has filed literally thousands of cases. You can rely confidently on his advice in determining what course of action you wish to take with respect to your debt.

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