Eliminating Debt: Taxes

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Taxes sometimes appear as insurmountable debt. Some people go so far as to mistakenly believe that tax debt cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. Actually there is much that can be accomplished in getting control over past due taxes through a bankruptcy proceeding.

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Given the right circumstances regarding age and assessment (among others), taxes can indeed be discharged in a Chapter 7. Where taxes cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7, they can be managed by consolidating payments over the course of a three- or five-year repayment plan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Chapter 13 will protect you from the taxing authorities garnishing wages, levying against bank accounts and recording tax liens.

These bankruptcy approaches to managing tax debt require an involved reading of the tax code and the Bankruptcy Code. Rather than risking your case by trying to teach yourself these complexities of law, rely on the more than 20 years of bankruptcy law experience held by attorney Thomas R. Burns.

The Bankruptcy Law Center of Thomas R. Burns regularly advises clients regarding their tax options within the Bankruptcy Code, particularly when the firm’s clients are facing a levy or wage garnishment. The ability to quickly navigate these tricky legal waters becomes important.

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